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Contact information is shared among club members to facilitate organization of events. If you would prefer that your contact information not be shared, please indicate here what information you do NOT want shared.

The Club newsletter and other communications are sent to members by email.

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to allow photographs of you and your family members (children) to be published on our web site.


It is the responsibility of each skipper to:

o Know the racing rules of sailing and boating laws and regulations.

o Decide whether or not to race or cruise, in the prevailing conditions.

o Have the boat and crew prepared.

The responsibility for a boat's decision to participate or continue in any sailing event or race is hers alone.

In consideration of accepting membership in the Santa Rosa Sailing Club, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights to claim damages against the SRSC, or its officers, committee members, members, sailing site owners, employees, agents, representatives, or assignees, from any claim for injury or other damages while a member in good standing of the SRSC, or while participating in any SRSC event.

Membership dues for 2018:

Family (or single adult): $55.00

Single Youth (under 18): $15.00

When you click the button below, your form will be sent to the Club, and you will be automatically redirected to the Club's Web Pay page.

If you wish to avoid the $2.00 convenience fee for credit cards, please send a check (traditional paper check or through your on-line bill pay) to:

Santa Rosa Sailing Club

P.O. Box 3184

Santa Rosa, CA 95402-3184